May I introduce you to my biggest Musical Crush of all time... The Cadillac Black.

My Dear Southern Loving Friends.

About two months ago I was introduced, via my brother-in-law, to a southern rock band that has rocked my sweet little southern world. They are 3 long-haired, rocking hillbillies out of Nashville called "The Cadillac Black".

Their music is a sweet kick in the mouth with the perfect mix of rock, southern soul, and 100% SWAG.

I don’t even know how it happened, but from the very first note of the first song “I’m Southern” - it was like musical cocaine in my veins. This girl was hooked- like a fat kid on cake. The rocker in me came flying out of the closet, and she has refused to go back in. I guess that would explain my recent obsession with black leather jackets and neon clothing….

Something broke loose in this crazy southern girl’s heart when I heard this music! Look.Out.Ya’ll. I might not ever be the same.

I was beyond pumped when I heard they were coming to the North Texas Fair in Denton, and so I gleefully drug a couple of friends out to see them with me. Now, how do I say this, without over-doing it…..

They.were.GLORIOUS. For real.

I was so excited to be there that I was giddy, and my girl Allison kept laughing at me, said she’d never seen me like this. They opened up for the Josh Abbott Band, and the crowd was mostly UNT college students. In my opinion they were far from appropriately appreciated by this young crowd, so I just sang along extra loud, casting condescending “Ugh. you college students don’t even know how great these guys are” snarky kind of looks out of the corners of my eyes as I danced along. (Also funny because I don’t dance.) I was on Cloud 9 when we drove the full hour back to Dallas that night!

A few weeks later, I found out they were playing the next day in Denton again, and this time Ryan got to come. Ya’ll. These guys are AMAZING live- just 3 guys- electric lead, steel guitar (played in a way I hadn’t heard before), and a drummer - that sound like one of the biggest rock bands you’ve ever heard!!! If Ryan didn’t have to be the financially responsible adult in our marriage, he would trade in his sport coat for long hair and a guitar with that band in a hot minute!!! That’s part of why I love him.

Now, for most of my life, I have prided myself on not being one of those annoying “groupies”- those starry eyed, shamelessly-giggly girls when a rockstar or celebrity is around. But I’m afraid that arrogant streak came to a crashing, embarrassing halt on the that night.

Holy Moses.

I lost my MIND when Ryan and I had the chance to visit with them after their set. Seriously ya’ll, I was such.a.nerd. So awkward, so nervous, so NOT cool. I just kept thinking how much cooler they were than me and I just didn’t want to say anything to reveal my absolute dorkdom. Ryan, however, chatted it up and was their best friend before we left. Of course. The man can make anyone his buddy as long as there’s good music and beer in the mix. He gave me all kinds of hell on the way home for being such a groupie, and I let him. It was true, and I actually didn’t care at all. Please note: part of my added awkwardness was my daydreaming while talking with them- As I am prepping to cut and release a new EP in the Southern Soul stylings, I just kept daydreaming about writing with them, having them play on my record, and one day touring with them. So we can all go ahead and start lighting some candles and praying for THAT. Hah!

Anyways, they are GREAT guys, have a great sense of humor, immensely talented, and they will be HUGE before it’s all over. I intend to do my part to make that happen. :) 

Here’s the bottom line: If you like southern rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, or just good music- go check them out RIGHT NOW!!! Heck, just buy the record. I did, and I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT. LOUD.

Their official website is -

You can find their title track “I’m Southern” here…..

And you can buy the whole record here:

Their first radio single is “Get Your Buzz On”- so listen for it on country radio!

Let me just close with this- if you’re someone who appreciates the Southern Way and attitude, you’ll really dig their style, AND their lryics… I’ll leave you with the the chorus from their title track…. and a video at the end that will make you laugh.

"I’m Southern and it ain’t my fault. My daddy came from Louisiana, I like the hot sauce. Southern and it ain’t my fault. Yeah this is how we roll, baby this is how we walk…."

WATCH THIS. It will make you laugh.