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Short Summary

Hey Ya'll! My name is Abbi Walker, and I am a  strong-willed, wild-eyed, dream-chasing Texas Woman! I am also a Southern Soul, Southern Rock, and Country Music artist and songwriter, graphic designer, and blogger. This campaign is dedicated to helping us raise the funds necessary to record, mix, master, and distribute my next full length record, which will be aptly named "FIESTY"! I am a woman on a mission to live out of the courage to be who I really, fully am, to chase my dreams no matter how daunting they may seem, and to inspire anyone I come in contact with to do the same! 

I believe that something is not worth doing if you don't do it to the very best of your ability, that excellence is always the standard to rise to. I believe that music should come from the soul, that people should FEEL what you're singing and playing more than they should hear it. I believe that I was MADE to do this- to sing, to write, to perform, and to spread courage and bravery as a woman, and as an artist by being 100 proof, full-on, Abbi Walker in every way that I possibly can. There's no place for hesitation or holding back, and I believe that Country music, and the world in general, needs more strong, healthy women that create, laugh, love, and celebrate each other instead of competing. That is the place from which everything for this record, my career, and my life is based! Courage is just as contagious as fear!!! 


What We Need & What You Get

Break It Down Now... 

  • OUR GOAL IS $20,000 in 60 days. This will get the album recorded in Texas, mixed in Nashville, mastered, duplicated, digitally distributed, promoted, and released in early 2015. Being able to raise more ($25,000 and above) would enable us to fund the next level of national radio promotion (not just TX, OK, and KS), some touring to promote the new record, make a music video, and lots more!
  • THE PERKS: We have broken down the contribution amounts into certain buckets from $10 to $10,000, that have some really cool perks tied to them: a private concert for contributors, a couple of hunts on a private ranch in South Texas with my Dad and I, my own custom graphic design, and lots more. 
  • This is brand new for me, and I am extremely honored and humbled to open up my dream to y'all. I hope you'll consider being a part of my team of supporters!
  • If we don't raise the full $20,000, the amount we do raise will go directly to getting the album recorded. We will have to take additional time to raise the funds to get it mixed, mastered, distributed, and promoted. BUT If we can fully fund it, we will be able to release the record in early 2015! 



Independent artists, like myself, don't have a label to pay for studio time, mixing, mastering, radio promotion, tour support, merch costs, and tons more. We put every dime that we make back into our music and the costs associated with chasing our dreams. Because of amazing support groups of fans, friends, and family- 


****** To be able to fully fund a full length record would, quite simply, change the game for me as an artist. It would help us break into the NEXT LEVEL of radio play, touring, and exposure. It would be LIFE CHANGING!!! 

  • DID YOU KNOW? That female artists are currently under-supported and represent less than 15% of the music available today in the Texas Country Music scene??? For example, last week on the Texas Regional Radio Report, of the top 115 songs on radio, only 8 of them were from female artists, one being myself! 
  • Even with all of that at play, we have managed to have some pretty amazing success in the last year! My first single to Texas Country radio, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, broke the top 30, and spent almost 6 months in the top 100 on TRRR! Southern Soul, my single at radio now, broke the top 100 in just a few weeks of being out and is climbing fast! 


"FIESTY" The New Full Length Record by Abbi Walker

We are so incredibly excited about this new record for a million reasons! Here are just a few! 

  • Ryan (my husband and dashingly handsome guitar player) and I have co-written every original song that will be on this record. Such a cool thing for me. 
  • IT'S A FULL LENGTH (10 songs) RECORD!!! 
  • The new songs have already gotten a great response from live audiences everywhere, and we feel like we are really settling into our sound and style both as a band and for me as an artist! 
  • We will record again in San Antonio, Texas at the private studio of my producer, Rick Alvarez. This is something I am incredibly proud of! TEXAS MADE YA'LL!!! Rick has an incredible resume ranging from managing Babyface's studio in LA to having a Grammy from his work with the Dixie Chicks, and I trust him with my life. He is the BEST. 


    • In May of 2013, we released my first country record, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with 6 original songs. The album has done incredible well as a first step, and opened the door for many of the following opportunities. 
    • I was the largest local division winner for the Texaco Country Showdown in 2013, a top 12 finalist for American Country Star in Nashville, Tennessee, and a finalist for the Performing Writer Showcase to open for Martina McBride. 
    • I have opened for Tim McGraw, Jack Ingram, Charlie Daniels, Jason Boland, Josh Ward, and many others!
    • We have played the San Antonio Rodeo (largest outdoor stage to about 6,000 people), The Crosby Rodeo, The Texas Crawfish Festival, Silver Dollar Saloon in Nashville, Gilley's, Billy Bob's Texas, The Rustic, Zapp Hall at Texas Antiques Week, Concrete Cowboy, and many more! 

All in all, I have worked insanely hard to do the absolute best that I could do as an independent artist. But I need your help to take it to the next level. The dream has gotten too big for me alone. 

    And that's all there is to it.



    1. Contribute to this IndieGogo Campaign. 
    2. Share our video and campaign webpage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
    3. Buy a shirt designed by Abbi via her Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/AbbiWalker
    4. Commit to pray that the Lord will truly anoint, bless, and somehow USE this record, the musicians, Rick Alvarez (my producer), and especially myself and my voice. 

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