As you read her bio, you have to stop at “once accidently put her brother’s head through a wall.” Um, ok. This preacher’s kid grew up in south Texas, where gospel music played an important part in her upbringing. Abbi Walker was taught to sing at age 3 by her grandmother, who accompanied her on an old upright piano. Abbi knew exactly what she wanted on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which she calls the soundtrack to her life.


Her self-written lyrics are crafted to sound like conversations she has with family and friends, “Southerners are naturally some of the funniest people on the planet, and Southern women are just pistols. This record is in many ways, a celebration of those strong, crazy, hilarious, loyal Southern Women.


There’s no one else in the whole world like them. Phrases like “Sister fell off that crazy train”,  “I ALWAYS keep it classy”, or “Girl, you just need to pick up your skirts and RUN from that man. He is nothin but trouble!” are just normal conversation pieces in my life. I wanted to make music that would make women smile, laugh, cry, and sing along. I really feel like we did that, and did it well!’


According to Abbi, it was producer Rick Alvarez who took her work to the next level, helping her create her own sound, one that included musicians Lloyd Maines on pedal steel and Bobby Flores on fiddle. Her music combines “deep rhythms, harmonies, sass, rock, and chord structures” that make her feel “alive and happy.”


Run Run Baby Baby starts off sounding like an old western, the dueling sides ready to shoot, with the outcome never in doubt. Score one for the women!


Southern Soul … “mind of my own and stubborn to the bone” … Kiss Kiss Bang Bang … “there’s a whole lot of crazy in those big brown eyes” … I’ve Grown … “I just want to love you I don’t want to owe you” … Wilderness … “Let them go” …


Nashville Flood is a song about a couple, married for 60 years, who faced the rising waters, hand-in-hand. The wife might’ve survived but she would have had to leave her husband behind. She chose to stay with the man with whom she had raised a family. Ironically they’d be found by a man, unfaithful to his own wife, but brought to his knees realizing what Southern love had meant to this couple.


There is so much complexity, so many layers, to each song, that it is rather difficult to compare to other artists.

Miranda Lambert meet Abbi, another very strong Southern woman, who has her own gunpowder and lead, should she too feel the need to use them.


You can download her new EP HERE via iTunes or HERE via Amazon.


GotCountryOnline Rating: 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars!!!!