“WOW ! ...Abbi Walker had an amazing 2014 with the success of her 6 song  EP "KISS KISS - BANG BANG"  ...landing two top 30 singles , as well as both of the songs landing in the top 200 Songs of 2014 , and then being nominated by TMP as 2014 NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR and featured in "BANDS TO LOOK FOR IN 2015 "  ...and NOW here comes the release of her brand new album FEISTY !

With the arrival of FEISTY - the full length album set for release on Sept 1 , Abbi Walker will certainly continue on the fast train up the mountain to the next plateau of the Texas Music Scene...it's going to be a great 2015 for the recently nominated ..TRRR -FEMALE OF THE YEAR ! All songs on this new record except one were written , or co- written by Abbi and the  project was all produced in the Lone Star State with Texas musicians..it is truly ..MADE IN TEXAS . FEISTY ..is a collage of Texas Country and Rock that races you down the open highway  - swerving and skidding as you hang on to the thrill of the ride - slowing you down for just a moment as you anxiously take a breath ..as the album changes to the next great track ! FEISTY ..is sure to make 2015 another amazing year for this Texas Picker ...add the whole album to your playlist ..you can thank us later !”