This Fabulous Black Faux Fur Coat came from Amazon, and is PRIME nonetheless, and although it does RUN SMALL, if you order up in sizes, it’s a killer look and a great bargain at under $75! The style is one of my favorites- it’s “stripes” of faux fur, with leather in between the seams, and it’s a good weight- sturdy but not suffocatingly heavy. I ordered an XXL at first and found it to be too big, so then I ordered an XL and, like Goldilocks- it was “just right”!!! I would normally be a Medium to Large in a coat, and ended up with the XL- just to give you an idea! They have sizes from small to 4xL so there’s plenty of room to order what you need! It DOES come in other colors- but I’ve learned that you can only vouch for EXACTLY what you ordered on Amazon, as other variations can be WAY different. So get you some faux fur girl- and rock yo fabulous self on out the door! Click below to check it out and purchase from my Amazon Influencer Page!!!

Lisa Colly Black Faux Fur Coat From Amazon